The Longest Day
208 miles in one Day

(Last updated: Tuesday, April 17,2018)

CJBC and GU present:
The Longest Day, 37th Annual event
Saturday, June 23rd
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Welcome to CJBC's The Longest Day 2012

I'm no longer running the Longest Day and these pages haven't been updated since 2012. Most of the general information is correct. But given the way roads change don't expect the route to be the same. And don't expect any of the dates to be the same today as they were in 2012. And definitely don't use any of the forms from here. :-)

Welcome to another edition of The Longest Day! Planning is going on and I hope that this year will bring another smooth ride (with less wind and rain) for many of it participants. So far I don't see a lot of changes for this years ride or cost. I may have a couple of road issues to deal with but I'm working those. I still expect to keep the mileage below 210 miles (approximately 206.5 miles last year). As you can see I've renovated the pages. The older full length page can still be found here. Hopefully the new layout will be easier to digest.

CJBC's Longest Day bicycle ride.

CJBC's Longest Day ride is an annual self supported, double century, double metric or century route (your choice). The majority of the riders prefer to do the double century (90%+). The double century starts in Port Jervis, NY, near the NJ High Point Monument, traverses the north-western part of NJ closely following Rt 206, then moves east in the plains of Central Jersey and then through the Pine Barrens down to Cape May. The first third is hilly but nothing too terrible (this from a flatlander ;-). In the central and southern part of the state the traffic drops off and and so do the hills. It rolls through the acres of farm lands and the NJ Pine Barrens. And, of course, the final destination, the Cape May Lighthouse. Fortunately you won't go anywhere near the industrial section of NJ like that seen in the opening of the Soprano's.

Below I've started pulling together various bits of information about the Longest Day. A lot of what is written here is from the editor's point of view (except the stories told by others). Don't take anything too literally as I tend to embellish a bit for comedic value (sometimes it works ;-).

  • The cue sheet information!
  • Intro - an introduction to the Longest Day
  • FAQs - Frequently asked Questions about the Longest Day. (New for 2010)
  • Routes - Current and past routes.
  • History - A little bit of history and various peoples view of the ride. (New for 2010)
  • Slideshow - Some of the sights (pictures) along the way (New for 2010 & requires Javascript)
  • The ride - a general description of the ride.
  • Planning - how you go about planning for this ride.
  • Training - training tips specifically for the Longest Day
  • Days before the big ride - what to do in the days before the ride.
  • Day of the ride - what to do on the day of the ride.
  • SAG Guidelines - Some helpful hints for your driver.
  • Aches and Pains - what to do about aches and pains related to riding the Longest Day.
  • Hand positions - where to put your hands when using a set of drop bars. (updated for 2010)
  • Gas, Food, and Restrooms - I'll try to describe where things are. (Updated for 2010)
  • Links - various links related to the Longest Day and double centuries.
  • Old page - This is the huge page with everything in one place. I won't be updating that page too much longer but I have listed it here for convenience .
  • One Fine Longest Day - a poem by by Shelley Abuchowski. I'd like to thank Dan Rappoport for bringing this to my attention and for Shelley for writing the poem. :-) (New for 2010)
  • Our mascot, I hope I don't have to explain the humor. :-)
  • Longest Day Youtube video - found it while doing a search, interesting! (New for 2010)
  • Disclaimer - disclaimer and license for pages related to the CJBC Longest Day event.