The Longest Day
208 miles in one Day

(Last updated: Thu. Sep 24, 2009)

The Longest Day

The days before the ride

Here's a list of things that you should complete in the days before the Longest Day ride.

  • About two weeks before the ride have your bike in for minor a tune up. Major work should be done a least a month before. Remember this is a shop's busy time of season. Wait too long and you won't be riding! In fact, you might want to schedule with your local bike shop in advance just to make sure there won't be any problems. It won't cost you anything extra.
  • At least a week before the ride, make sure you check the tires for tiny slits and shards of glass or radial tire wires. Replace the tires as needed.
  • Two days before, in the morning pump up your tires fully. Then check them that night and see how well they're holding air. If you have a slow leak replace it now and repeat.
  • Wash your bike and give it a light waxing. It makes it look nice and it'll resist picking up dirt.
  • Make sure your bike is properly lubed and everything is working smoothly. If you had it in for a tune up then there shouldn't be too much work to do.
  • Make sure everything is properly secured. Tape down loose wires, tighten any loose bolts or nuts. Now is not the time for adjustments. That should have been done weeks ago.
  • The day before make sure you pack your bags correctly. Bike shorts, shirts, shoes, creams (like chamois cream, I highly recommend it), socks, gloves, and helmet. Make sure you have your underwear, normal socks, shirts, pants, and shoes. I recommend a change of cycling clothes for the lunch stop. Clean clothes and socks feel wonderful and really make it seem like a new ride instead of just the second half of a double century. If you can find large zip lock bags then use them to separate items. This will make them easy to get at and find. If all your mid-ride clothes are in one bag you can grab the bag and change in a few minutes. Also those stinky clothes you were wearing, well now they can go in the bag and won't mess up anyting else.
  • Extra things to bring (if you have room): sun block (very important), lip balm, handi-wipes for quick clean up, paper towels, bug spray because the Light House at Cape May is a mosquito resort town and you're the main course and cleaning cloths for heavy clean up.
  • The night before charge up your cell phone and it's a good idea to pre-program the phone with the SAG wagon's cell phone number.
  • Pack an ID to identify yourself in case you can't speak.