The Longest Day
208 miles in one Day

(Last updated: Thu. Sep 24, 2009)

The Longest Day route

This is going to be the most difficult page to put together. Here I'll attempt to put together some kind of a list with things a rider might need/find along the route. While CJBC prefers that a rider not ride without a SAG it doesn't exactly say you can't. One of the problems with such a list is that some things depend on the time of day, others depend on if the store actually stays in business (a number closed down in 2009). Also some stores are going to be off the route and I won't provide additional directions to accommodate such changes. This is one of those places where it is a good idea to ask in advance and I'll take the requests for information on a case by case basis. Below is a list of what is on the route or on side streets near the route.

Smoke'm if ya got 'em!

I'm not advocating smoking, what I'm trying to say is that if you see a gas station, bathroom or convenience store and have some need of it's services, take advantage of it. If you need water, food, gas or a rest room take advantage of the available services early. Actually planning ahead is probably not a bad idea as there should be large sections of this ride out of the main traffic routes. I'm not going to try and explain that your only 2 blocks away from some service. Trying to explain the directions would be difficult. One thing I've noticed about this ride is that it's a matter of inches (miles).

Sample: Mile x - Town (F/G/R) Where F - means Food, such a a convenience store or restaurant, G means gas and R means restrooms. If I have any additional information I'll post that too.

On the route

The following should be found directly on the route. The described establishments won't require you to travel very far off the route to get to them. Also we haven't confirmed that these places are still open or that they are the same kind of store they were when we last past them. Also hours of operation may make things interesting if you try to use them before or after they are open/closed for business.

  • Mile 0 - Port Jervis (F/G/R) , there is a supermarket, several gas stations and main portion of town is just North of the Days Inn Hotel.
  • Mile 0 - 32 - (F/G/R) This section has many small places but they probably won't be open if you are leaving before dawn. Newton (mile 27) is the first major town on the route and Andover is the next. You may find some open gas stations and convience stores along this section. In Andover there is a nice diner that can serve a hot breakfast.
  • Mile 33 - The Andover tunnel. :-)
  • Mile 37 - Lockwood, (F/G/R) many small shops (including Coffee!), stores and gas stations. This is just before the turn for Rt 183 (to avoid Rt 80).
  • Mile 38 - 40 - Stanhope (F/G/R) Some stores may be off the route on Main St. Rt 46 circle (mile 39)
  • Mile 43 - 45 - Flanders (F/G/R) A great many gas stations and stores, bagels, McDondalds, Dunkin Dougnuts, a super market and convenience store can be found here. Everything can be found directly on the route.
  • Mile 48 - Chester (F/G/R) Supermarket, gas station and a diner. A bit of a busy intersection.
  • Mile 56 - Far Hills/Bedminster (F/G/R) Gas, Coffee, Bagels? Convenience Store.
  • Mile 58 - Pluckemin (F/G/R) Gas, McDonalds, Supermarket, Convenience store/Deli
  • Mile 66 - Finderne (F/G/R)
  • Mile 67 - 69 - Manville (F/G/R)
  • Mile 70 - Millstone (F/G/R)
  • Mile 81 - Kingston (F/G/R)
  • Mile 86 - Plainsboro (F/G/R)
  • Mile 92 - Edinburg (F/G/R)
  • Mile 95 - Robbinsville (F/G/R)
  • Mile 100 - Allentown (F/G/R)
  • Mile 110 - Cookstown (G/R)
  • Mile 115 - Browns Mill (F/G/R) Mile 117.5 - last easily accessable gas station for a while.
  • Mile 125 - Ranger's Station/Four Mile (R) - Because of a possible closure of the Ranger's office I'm pointing out a local convenience store and gas ...
  • Mile 132 - Chatsworth (F/G/R)
  • Mile 140 - Maxwell (?) (F/G/R) I need to confirm this one and will before the date of the ride. This could be an oasis in the middle of the first doldrums.
  • Mile 147 - Green Bank (F), A tiny liquor store and deli are on the right. There may be a port-a-potty on the other side of the Mullica Bridge but I can't guarantee that.
  • Mile 153 - 156 - Egg Harbor (F/G/R)
  • Mile 161 - 163 - Mays Landing (F/G/R)
  • Mile 173 - 175 - Corbin City/Tuckahoe (F/G/R)
  • Mile 183 - Dennisville (F/G/R) WaWa convenience store
  • Mile 197 - Rio Grande (F/G/R)
  • Mile 202 - 208 - Cape May (F/G/R)
  • Extra (F/G/R)


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Bike shops

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