The Longest Day
208 miles in one Day

(Last updated: Mon. June 09, 2012)

The Longest Day Updated for 2012


2012/06/04 - DON'T use the 2011 cue sheets (or any of the earlier routes). The route through Stanhope/Netcong no longer exists!. Also the lake crossing in Pemberton has changed (road closed). So everyone needs to grab the new files!

Next, the Jersey, still looks like the old one (sorry) will be updated with the date and 32nd annual event. It's $70 and this include shipping it to your home. It's expect to arrive late August and we need a minimum of 15 orders to complete the order. We've got quite a few people interested but the Active page and the main web pages failed to list the information (doh!). Those interested please send and email and send out the form (the second half of regitration pdf). That's also one thing I need to deal with on next years Active page.

Next It looks like we had a problem with getting a greeter at the top end (Port Jervis, NY). So there will be no one there to greet you, sorry. If you are staying over night at Cape May please drop by the Red Oak on Sunday morning and say hello. I have Gu packets to give out and I'd be interested in meeting everyone and hearing their stories (no really I would).

The Morning After Breaksfast is at the Red Oak (230 E. Oak Ave. Wildwood, NJ 609-522-9560). Breakfast is from 8:00 AM until 11:00 AM. If you and your guests are eating at the Red Oak and you haven't purchased a meal ticket (this includes SAGs). Then you can purchase 1 for each person. It's $8/person. Those who have already paid just check in with me and I'll give you your meal ticket. Remember at 11:30 AM I pay the bill so don't arrive late.

For those doing the Double Century and Centry routes. The riders PDF is correct now. The SAG sheets won't print correctly. I'm still working on that. I'll have those fixed by the end of the day, posted the the web site and another email to everyone tonight.