The Longest Day
208 miles in one Day

(Last updated: Thu. Sep 24, 2009)

The Longest Day, Youtube video


While searching for more information on the CJBC Longest Day I came across this video from Youtube. Yes that really is a group (Bob Caldwell informs me that this was his group, thanks!) doing our CJBC Longest Day Ride. The first part is a visit to the High Point Monument, it's not part of the standard route. It looks like they went to the monument the day before (smart!). The next part I don't recognize as being part of the standard route either, that doesn't mean it isn't. The next is just outside Newton, then in Cranbury Lake (?), then along the Griggstown Canal. The raining part is riding through Ft. Dix, the next, along Four Mile Rd past New Lisbon. And I agree I'd rather be dry. :-) The dry section looks like it may be below May's Landing (note the traffic picking up a bit but a decent shoulder). The final part is that of the Lighthouse and a sprint finish. A thrilling finish even if your the last person to cross the line! :-)