The Longest Day
208 miles in one Day

(Last updated: Thu. Sep 24, 2009)

The Longest Day Slideshow

I'm currently working on this. It sounds easy but it fraught with difficulty. There are issues of copyright and license. Also I want an easy to use slideshow package that will work any where. I currently have a bunch of photos and I'll get them posted in some that will work soon.

To any riders who have done the CJBC's Longest Day ride. If you would like to share your stories and/or pictures with everyone just forward them to us with some text to explain the picture. Otherwise you might end up like this poor gentleman (right, hover over the image to see what I mean ;-)

  • CJBC's Longest Day Slideshow - my first attempt at a slideshow. Still needs a lot more photos better catch the Longest Day spirit!
    • Need some climbs and scenery before Newton
    • Need Cranberry Lake
    • Need some picture in Netcong (after Rt183 merge, the circle and Rt 80 climb
    • Need the descent into Flanders
    • Need the climb into Chester (@Rt 524/24)
    • ... and the list goes on