The Longest Day
208 miles in one Day

(Last updated: Fri. Jan. 8, 2010)


Though I'm a member of the Central Jersey Bike Club and the 2010 chair for the event, these pages are not offical club sponsored web pages. These are my personal pages. They may not represent the opinions or views of the CJBC.

Everything here is from my personal experience riding this double century. Also I'm not a doctor or athletic trainer so any advice here should be taken with caution. Check with professionals if you have any doubt. A double century done badly, at worst, will hurt you. Done properly it's an unbelievable accomplishment.

License has been given to Central Jersey Bicycle Club, Inc. (CJBC) under (I'm working on a license) for all the material pertaining to the Longest Day except for the photos (such as in the slideshow).

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