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I have the following controllers available to me: ADI Ocelot (upgraded CPU-XA), X10's CM11A, X10's CM17A, X10's CP-290, CCC's HCS II and Marrick's LynX-10. In addition I have a WX200/WM918 Weather Station, a handful of Dallas DS1820 onewire temperature chips and a number of micro-controllers that can run on an RS485 network. I found the HAN and S.N.A.P protocols on the 'net and they look very usable. In addition you can find the PLM (Power Line Modem). I recently purchased 2 of these and now need time to build them, test them and write software.

The Linux Home Automation project is a bit of a misnomer. It's really meant for use under any Unix like operating system. I fully intend to keep the source code as portable as possible. The intent is for the project to create a daemon that interfaces between a plain command line interface and a Home Automation controller. Currently most of the controllers I have attach to a serial port I also have a WM918 Wather station, and a bunch of Dallas DS1820 temperature chips. Even though X10 may start out as being the primary communication methods others will be explored, such as the PLM (power line modem), CeBus and LONworks. We can also attach RS485 networks to the serial port and create devices whihch follow a standard protocol. The Linux box would be the master while the remote devices the slaves.

I'm fully aware of other projects such as Mister House and I think that this project can compliment such a project. Our main task in not to build a user interface (though this may lead to such sub projects) but instead to create the a standard ASCII CLI which is accessible via TCP/IP.

02/01 - Today I received an email from the Embedded Linux Journal notifying me of that the Linux Home Automation Project is one of the Finalists in their Embedded Linux Contest. Each finalist will receive: BlueCat Linux Development Kit, Tri-M Systems MZ104 PC/104 Board, On Board ZF Linux Devices' MachZ Chip and Phoenix BIOS in Flash, M-Systems 4 Megabyte DiskOnChip Millennium (Flash Disk), MZ104 Cable Kit for connecting to peripherals, 32MB SO DIMM (DRAM), and an O'Reilly and Associates book, Programming Embedded Systems in C and C++. This is so cool!

I've also spent a bit of time working on an X10 sniffer using a modified TW523. I'm in the process of writing an article for the project which will fully document everything from the X10 protocol to the PC software. Currently it doesn't transmit X10 but that's just because I haven't had time to sit down and write the routines. I'll attempt to do that at a later date. Right now I'm working on whether I have a problem with the sniffer or I have a valid X10 problem (like a bad CM11A).

10/31/00 - Happy Halloween (for those that celebrate), I've been busy updating the Source Forge pages and trying to get this project back on track. These pages still need more work and in the next few weeks will better reflect the ideas and goals of the project. I'm also again working on the source code to the HCSd, so I really am back working on the project. I've gotten lot of support from family and community (thanks everyone).

I'm also investigating Intel's Intel's Linux Universal Plug-n-Play SDK (UPnP). From the activity on the mail list and the members I think that this will be an important protocol in the HA field.

10/06/00 - After a long quiet sabatical I'm back. I've been busy mending my health, changing my career, and () put some more HA infrastructure in place. I've purchased a ton of equipment for my LHA lab and I've even made new acquaintances in the field of HA. I've found that I can write articles on HA that can be used to pay for some of this equipment. Now I'm updating this page with a better description, purpose and status of the project. So you should see the page begin to change in small increments over the next few days. I've also spent a bit of time learning PHP (thanks Jay).

08/22/00 - It's summer in the North Eastern US and I'm trying to enjoy it. So that's the reason for no updates. This project is not forgotten, so far on the mail list we have about 77 members. October should see a resurgence in list activity as I begin to slow down my outdoor activities (I will be bicycling into December). On October 2nd I will be giving a presentation on the Linux HA project and my views of HA in general in Scotch Plains NJ (email me for further details). I will be making the presentation available via the web and will use that information to update these pages.

03/19/00 - I've opened the mail list up and invited people to join I'm hoping there will be enough developers to give this project the royal kick in the bottom it requires to get it moving. So far 13 people have joined. I am surprised at the number of people who have joined in such a short time. It looks like I have a lot of work to do to get my CVS knowledge up to speed.

03/05/00 - I just registerd the mail list and will port the info in the next few ways on how to access it and what it is for. My head is still spinning from the sugestions for this project. The Linux HA project has great potential but promises to be a handful!. It is beginning to look like it could be more than on package. A few people have already told me that my current code is going in the wrong direction. That's fine (exactly what I need and why I started this project). I've corrected the email address below (sorry :-( about that!)

02/06/00 - I just registered this project, in the coming weeks I hope to have all the project files loaded and ready to go. The my current software started off life as Dan Lanciani's X10d for the CM11A. His ideas are what started me on this project. This can be a very large project. There are lots of different controllers out there. I beleive I've created a pretty good starting shell but I need help to hone the code so it is more effecient and I definitely need help with getting access to other controllers (I have a limited budget). I beleive that the client software can run from just about any machine or even micro-controllers that run TCP/IP. In the end the clients can be on any OS that has internet access. I've already created client software in Bourne shell code, C, and Perl. C++, Pythons, LISP/Scheme or Emacs are not out of the question either. I'll try to provide more detail as time passes. Currently it's all in the my head. Now I just have to 'put it on paper', so to speak.

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