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I requested from the list members what HA controllers they have available to them. The response was pretty good and turned out to cover a large segment of the HA controllers (and some no quite controllers).

Here is a recent count of some of the devices available to the LHA Project:

  Device   Count     Notes
  Ocelot 5   LHA Code scheduled (RSN), MAD's XALib is available
  CP290 3  
  HCS II 3   LHA Code in Beta
  CM11A 6   Use CM11A X10d
  Firecracker 4   AKA CM17A
  ALC 1  
  HTH PLC 1  
  LynX10 1   Use Lynx X10d
  SlinkE 1  
  Elk 0  
  PowerLinc 0  
  HCS III 0   Product in development
  Lonworks 0   Investigating
  CEBus 0   Investigating

Here is a table of the 'not quite' controllers:

  Device   Count     Notes
  Clipsal CBUS 1   relay and dimmer units
  Red rat 1  
  JetEye PC 1  
  Napco P9600 1  
  AppDig SECU-16 1  
  SECU-16I 1  
  SECU-IR 1  
  RLY8XA 1  
  Opto-22 I/O 1  
  Advantech PCL-XXX 1   Relay cards
  TINI 4   Dallas TINI boards
  DS9097U 2   Dallas Onewire serial interface
  RCS Thermostats 1   RS-232/RS-485
  Statnet Therm. 0  
nbsp; Hot Little Therm 1  
  WX200 1   Weather Station (AKA WM918)
  Weather Station 1   Peet Bros
  Onewire Weather 2 feed from DalSemi (using Arne's software transmitting via UDP)
  Weather Station 1   Davis
  X10 modules x   I'm not going to count this category :-)

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