My Bicycle stable page
(Last updated: Thu May 24 2007)

My current stable of bikes

I'm working on getting pictures of all my bikes posted here. I have had 6.

On Friday (9/18/2009) I picked up my new bike from Halter's Cycles. Where Jason did an incredible job of putting together my new bike (actually a new frame with a swap of the good old parts).

Giant TCR Advanced Bicycle

This is the new bike (actually a replacement frame and some upgrades) that replaces my 2006 TCR3. It's a 2009 TCR Advanced with Ultegra, Aksium(front)/Ksyrium(rear) wheels and a green Brooks B17 saddle. This bike is a step or two up from my previous bike. Also, with the fit kit, he corrected a few things I was doing wrong. As expected the long distance ride is fantastic. The handling is incredible and it is very responsive. I even feel that it's made me a better climber (just not a good climber ;-). I've got a few hundred miles on it now and I'm very comfortable with this bike.

Here was my previous working ride (15000+ miles), the 2006 Giant TCR3 (I broke it in a crash, may it rest in peace because I didn't :-):

Giant TCR3 Bicycle

Here's my Mongoose RX100 (30000+ miles). I just got it back from Halter's Cycles where Jason put a new bottom bracket and crank on the bike. So far I've destroyed one bottom bracket on this bike and two on the Trek 1100. This will become my commuter, back up and winter bike. It's a 'cheap' Ti bike (not the the 3al/2.5v mix). Even though it's a cheap Ti mix it's a nice bike and it's the bike I've gone the fastest on (58 mph). Oddly enough it felt like it was a faster bike than my Giant TCR3 though it didn't handle anywhere near as well as the TCR3. I'm not sure if the new Giant will be my fastest bike yet as I haven't bombed down an incredible descent on it yet. The Brooks Pro needs to be cleaned up a bit but it's still a good saddle.

Mongoose RX100

Here's my Trek 1100 (45000+). It's my only triple (besides the tandem and mountain bike), I'm not real big on using a triple. The one big problem with this bike is the fact that I can twist the bottom bracket and almost make the chain jump around on the rings. But it is my first 'real' (i.e. expensive) bike. I rode this bike on my first Longest Day in 2001. I would say that it was not the best choice for a ride of that length. Despite those problems it still works and it is dependable. It's currently my commuter bike and handles tailer duty (the triple really helps with the extra weight). I've upgraded it to an Ultegra, STI , an 8 speed drive train. Other than destroying two bottom brackets and one rear wheel freewheel guts this bike has held up well. I'll be upgrading the seat to a Brooks B17 off the old TCR.

Trek 1100

Here's my Truk (Trek 1100) with my trailer attached. I use this for my commuting though I now mostly work from home. When my Giant TCR broke a seat post and my Mongoose snapped the steering tube (with me on it) I cleaned up the Trek and rode it for several 100 miles. I think I need to give this bike a little more attention. It may be heavy but it just keeps working! Oh, the flag that attached to the rear of the trailer is missing (in the garage).

Truk 1100

Here's my tandem, it's a Schwin Double Trouble (less than 1000 miles). It's not a bad bike but it really doesn't fit my wife and I very well (she's the captain, I'm the stoker). Oddly enough, even though she has nowhere near the mileage I have she can handle this big bike with the best of them.

Trek 1100