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Longest Day Planner

Below is my planner, it should allow you to interactively start planning your Longest Day Ride. Basically this works for the most part, it's still a little awkward but once you enter all the information about the rest stop mileage, the duration of the stop it syncs up pretty well. I've done some testing and some minor error checking. When done I simply print the information to save it.

When using this planner think in terms of speed and mileage markers, not time or distance betweens stops. That is at mile markerx in Hicksville, I want to stop for n minutes. The planner will then give you the ETA of that stop and calculate your distance since your last stop. Try to do your stops in order. If you put in mile marker 0, for example, after you've put in mile marker 60, your distance between stops will get messed up. You can use the routes page to reference the appropriate map. As always any questions, contact Longest Day Chairperson for more details.

  • Length - the length of the entire ride
  • Speed - Your average speed for the entire ride, not including stops. This tends to be what most bike computers display for average speed.
  • Stops - number of rest stops you anticipate
  • Flats - number of flat you anticipate (in 15 minute intervals)
  • Time - your start time, think military time. For midnight enter 00:00, for 1 PM enter 13:00 and for noon enter 12:00
  • Name - This is anything you want it to be. I usually use the town name or some near by land mark (don't use quotes or punctuation)
  • Mile - this is your mile marker not the distance between stops
  • Duration - the duration, in minutes, of your stop
  • Distance - this is the distance between stops
  • Notes - This is for your notes (if any)

Length:  Miles
AVG Speed:  mph - Average riding speed (not including stops)
Stops:  Number of stop, (enter time below after you enter the stops)
Flats:  in 15 minute intervals