Linux Home

(Last updated: Wed., Sep. 10, 2008)


Welcome to the place where I drop other stuff that doesn't quite fit inder the normal HA topics.

  • Open Source Books - various books released under an assortment of Open Source type licenses.
  • Coffee-Howto - Georgatos Photis' 2004 Coffee pages (yes, he still updates them). For a long time it was included with just about every Linux distribution I had used. I decided to keep an old copy of the Coffee-Howto (derived from v0.5) on my web site and tidy it up a bit.
  • Distribution - a distribution I'm working on (nothing to see, move along, move along)
  • Linkcheck - my link checking Perl program. Yes it check links to see if they're still valid.
  • redirect - my redirection program for use with web pages.
  • Media - Various media server related links for Linux.
  • Non-HA - various other junk like my bikes.
  • Sendmail - What I found out about setting up sendmail with Linux to use Comast and Google Mail.
  • My interests have turned towards robotics and AI so I created a page to put up anything I think important (or not) enough to save.
  • Doll House Autoamtion - this will be where I put information pertaining to a Doll House I'm automating for a presentation at the 2010 Trenton Computer Festival (TCF). It's being built from scratch just for the event.
  • OpenWRT page - I've taken 3 different router models (WRT54G, WGT54GL and the WGT634u) and upgraded them from their stock firmware to OpenWRT. I'm also beginning work on the WNR1000 v2 with Kamikaze 8.09. Netgear uses Kamikaze 7.09 but I'd like to take advantage of some features of 8.09.
  • WNR1000 v2 page - This will be my page for upgrading the Netgear WNR1000 v2 from Kamikaze 7.09 to 8.09.
  • Home IPv6 networking Notes - my notes on using IPv6 in the home with Windows and Linux hosts.
  • Firewalls for IPv6 & IPv4 Notes - my notes on the topic of firewalls using iptables/ip6tables for Linux firewalls.