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7. etc

7.1 preface

This document was initially written in hellenic (greek), originating from a small debate in the linux-greek-users list , whether linux can make coffee or not. It has been an article in our beautiful online magazine on Linux called "magaz": Remember, that magaz is greek.

7.2 Authorship and maintenance

My name is Georgatos Photis, still-yet-foralongmaybe student at Computer Engineering and Informatics department in University of Patras. Usually, I am pretty busy with the greek documentation and webpages maintainance, but I can accept submissions to this HOWTO, as long as you don't be anxious on the changes.

7.3 Copyrights

The casual copyright with everything you get with linux... To find it, you'll have to read all of them and count the most common. Otherwise, no, you can't copy it.

Editor's note: I assume he means the GPL. That really only applies to software but the Creative Common License might apply.

7.4 Credits

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