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1.1 French

A popular coffee among programmers because it doesn't need a lot of care, like all commercial software. Its exciting taste has inspired thousands of programmers to write incredible software, written in the very first hours of the day. Windows, for example. was written at 5:00 o'clock in the morning, favouring to this coffee! Result is guaranteed.

Editor's note: good coffee does not gaurantee good code, but bad coffee won't help! ;-)

1.2 Nescaffe

Nescaffe is a rather strong coffee, made by pouring hot water in a mixture of coffee, sugar and some water. You usually take 1 spoon of coffee and 1 spoon of sugar with just a bit of water, to mix it. In the meantime you should have the water boiling. As soon as the water is hot enough, you mix them all together and preferably add milk. Although you can use something simpler than a coffee-machine to boil the water, I have seen this scheme a lot of times...

1.3 Frappe

Popular variation of the above mentioned coffee. Actually, it doesn't need any coffee-machine, rather a refrigerator to get cold water and ice-cubes.

1.4 Freddo

This is a difficult one, read coffee-faq (see references)

1.5 Cappuccino (To be added)

1.6 Espresso(To be added)

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