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HCS supply links:

Here is a list of the various companies we've done business with. None of this is an endorsement other than we've done business with them and we were happy withthe service.

Micromint - Micromint is a supplier of single board computers and industrial embedded controllers. They currently have the original HCS II SC (the RT180, not the DX) and the BUF-IO boards (actually the BUF-IO and BUF-50 boards) along with a few other boards.

CCS C compilers Microchip PIC C Compilers. They have support for Linux and Windows.

MicroEngineering Labs PIC BASIC compilers and PIC proto boards.

Dunfield Development Systems (DDS) - the 8051 development kit that Ed Nisley originally used to compile the comm-links code. You need to purchase a registration key to compile anything as large as the comm-links code. The 8051 development package can be downloaded here. The D/L'd version can be used to compile simple code (a trial version without the registration key). DDS has been around since the 80's and has good service and support.

Digikey - Parts vendors, has a search engine to search for the parts they sell.

Jameco - Parts vendors

JDR Microdevices - Parts vendors

Express PCB - A place that will make your circuit boards. Requires that you download their software.

APCircuits - This is the place that Bob Morrison uses, on Bob's site at Zeta Engineering he has the instructions for ordering HCS_C blanks. They were very easy to deal with by both phone and email.

CadSoft - Makers of Eagle CAD software (autorouter, layout and schematic editor) for Linux and Windows. There is a 'Lite' edition (freeware), Standard and Professional edition. I only intend to use the schematic software and the board layout software (under Linux ;-).

EDTP Electronics - Microcontroller based (PIC, AVR, 'Packet Whacker' ethernet prototype boards). Fre Eady also has a book called: Networking and Internetworking with Microcontrollers . I haven't read the book but I do intend on purchasing it as Fred is a Circuit Cellar author and I enjoy reading his articles.

Futurelec Development boards - They have lot of boards, AVR's, 8051's, PIC's, ATMEGA's and Motorola 68HC11's. These boards make a quick and easy COMM-Link. Some software (from one of the Open Source compilers) and you're on your way.

Dontronics - large collection of everything;. dev boards and the appropriate software (including BASIC). Don's been around for a while and has a good reputation for service and support.

Olimex - Development boards and Tools. Olimex has been known for it's pcb service but I just found out that they also have some development boards which would make good candidates for COMM-Links. The have an assortment of PICs, AVRs, LPC21xx ARM and MSP430 boards.

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