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Home automation and control (HA) Software (source code and links mostly) for the home automation devices Insteon PowerLinc V2, CM11A, CM17 (Firecracker), LynX10, WM918, HCS II and CPUXA. Links to other hardware/software packages can be found on these pages also. If you know of any additional links please contact me at:

Current Status:


01/17 - Wow, I've been busy but I've been neglectful too. I've been a bit busy with updating my Funlux camera Notes I have a bunch of scripts I've written to take advantage of these HD cheap cameras. I'm currently working on a number of projects (ain't I always ...). The top priority is my next TCF Prensentation on Saturday, March 19 2016. I'm very nervous about this one as I really want the hands on demo in this presentation. I have a large number of boards ready let's hope I can pull it all together for March.


10/25 - Major clean up, lots of dead links moved to the Boneyard page, including my Comcast web page (which I have here now).

09/23 - Okay I'm very slow. Actually I'm quite busy with a large number of projects and work (that seems to keep leaching into my free time). The Comcast User web pages are now dead. So there will be a lot of cleanup going on with these links.

06/14 - Okay, Im a bit slower than I expected at posting the links. But here are some more:

  • I had a incident where I was riding my bicycle through a tornado watch while being some 50 miles from home. Unfortunately we got hit with some very strong winds. Fortunately nobody was hurt but we were shaken. So I'm building an Ethernet NOAA Radio node. I searched the web for similar ideas and found: Arduino NOAA weather radio. I expect to have other Ethernet nodes based on my MQTT-UNO32 project later this year.
  • I've updated the link for OpenHAB to point away from their old Google Code page.
  • OpenDomo, basically written around the Raspberry Pi running Linux. Not 100% sure what it supports as it's main web page first talks up the GPL and Open Sources rather than what it can do or what ti supports. There is a VM so you can play. :-)
  • I've updated the link for FHEM to point away from their old Google Code page. I think we're going to see a lot of this.
  • And for the paranoid amongst us (just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean theyre not out to get us ;-) ): It's not just Samsung TVs - lots of other gadgets are spying on you.
  • Curuba Project - a failed kickstarter project that decided to share the project afterwards.
  • homA - An extensible framework for the smart home. It uses MQTT, has a Google calendar interface, a rules engine and other components.

06/04 - As I promised, more links posted. I've added the following:

2015/06/02 - It's (unofficial) summer time! Time for hot dogs, hamburgers, picnics, outdoor sports (I'm getting a lot of cycling in). I also have a list of around 200 sites to sort through and get posted to this web site. I'll be adding them little by little. Additionally I'm working on an article for Linux Magazine/Linux Pro about Misterhouse. And despite ignoring the site for over a year I haven't given up on Home Automation or this site. So over the next few months I'll start adding what I have. :-)

So I'm adding a new section for Hardware (Arduinos, ESP8266 and Pis) and a new section for MQTT and Node-Red.

2015/03/22 - Hmm, seemed to have missed posting a Happy New Year (oh well). Despite that I've actually been very busy with courses, work, family and HA. I just finished my Trenton Computer Festival (TCF) presention on DIY Home Automation and I have several 100 interesting links to add to the collection. I've also just finished writing an initial driver for Misterhouse to use the MQTT protocol. This should prove interesting. I'll hopefully start adding what I have soon. I still have a number of courses and a VCF (Vintage Computer Festival) presentation to work on.


2014/12/01 - I really need to get busy and update these pages. I have many things to add. I've been a bit busy learning about databases, SQL and Big Data technologies. Not sure how I'll apply this knowledge to my HA. For now I'll just post my latest project, I've built a ChipKit Uno32, WIZnet W550io and DHT22 talking to a local MQTT. My mqtt-uno32 repos. I'll build a page explaining it better later. In the meantime I also have an HA presentation for TCF and a modern micro-controllers with vintage computers presentation for VCF X.

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