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HCS processor links:

Modern technology is a wonderful thing, the plentiful bounty of uControllers is astounding. The "Home Run Control System" was based on the Motorola 6801 (the basis for today's 68HC11), the HCS II is based on the Zilog Z180. The initial COMM-Links were based on the Intel 8051 (a standard of uControllers), Mike Baptiste introduced us to the COMM-Links based on the Microchip PIC processors.

Today we have the additional uControllers to choose from, Atmel's AVRs (Mega16, Mega32), new PICs (18F452) and even the ARM.

Zilog maker of the Z180/S180, eZ80, and Z380 chips. Processors for the various SC.

Microchip The 18Fxxx, 16Cxxx, 16Fxxx, 12Cxxx and 12Fxxx family of processors (use by comm-links)

Atmel maker of the ARM and AVR (Mega103, 16 and 32) family of processors.

Rabbit Semiconductor maker of the Rabbit 2000 and 3000 dev kits and CPU's.

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