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Circuit Cellar Home Control System II History

Note: - currently the following history is loosely based on my memory of events. Some investigation is needed to verify dates, events and their order of occurrence.

History - In an article from Byte Magazine, April 1985, Steve Ciarcia put together the details of his "Home Run Control System". In 1992, in an article (pdf) from Circuit Cellar magazine, Issue #25, Steve introduces us to the HCS II (Warning: the story is very funny :-). While in the same issue, in an article (pdf) written by Ken Davidson, we get introduced to the Supervisory Control (SC). This is the brains of the HCS. The network protocol and many of the modules were documented in other articles (see the PDF index list for the entire list). A very good example of Open Source at it's best. Not only is the information shared, it's also documented. Back issues of Circuit Cellar magazine are available on CD or paper. In July 2001 the users of the HCS decided to create our own support for the HCS II. With Steve's approval here is what we are creating.

The future board, for now called the HCS_C is based on the ATMEL AT91R40008. Further details can be found at Zeta Engineering. Zeta is also working on a few other interesting things not directly related to the HCS project.

The project is broken down into 6 parts:

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