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Currently working on this, but at minimum we wish to support the current HCS II platform, it's software and related modules. We've also working on the future HCS (the HCS_C), the software and it's modules.

On the HCS_C we want to support the older HCS daughter boards and COMM-Link modules. In addition we want to see support for network (IP) access. Though this is an option and the network access doesn't have to be on your setup (we're flexible).

There is also an effort to design the next generation HCS (HCS_C) and modules (comm-links) based on various processors. The current HCS_C is based on the Atmel ARM processor. We want to increase the speed and number of devices supported by the SC.

Wish list - these are some of the advances we'd like to see in the future. The list is not in any particular order.

The project is broken down into several parts:

Who is this project geared toward? - It is geared toward the Do It Yourself (DIY) type of person. The people currently involved have backgrounds in various fields of electronics and software. For those who have little knowledge in electronics we are providing links and other resources so they can get involved without going to school for an electronics degree. We are also providing similiar resources for those who wish to program but have little knowledge of programming languages. We will be focusing on C, BASIC and assembly languages.

The user community congregates on the Circuit Cellar Forums (Look for the HCS forum). We will attempt to use off the shelf components and proto boards to make it easier to find the parts used in our projects. But we are also designing the HCS_C based on the Atmel ARM and an FPGA. And the community's input is very important to our project. New users are welcome and questions are not discouraged.

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