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(Last updated: Saturday February 24, 2007)


As usual, page under construction. This will be a place for the electronics and microcontroller (uC) projects that I'll build or that I've found on the internet (and which I don't want to lose the link to).

I have a number of different uC boards which include the Atmel Mega128, the Microchip PIC16F877a, the TI MSP430, various other AVR and PIC boards, some 8051 family boards and the Motorola 68000 and 6809 (Okay so they're really not uC but they are embedded systems). I also have an x86 and ARM embedded boards which I haven't gotten time to play with yet.

  • EnerJar - The Do-It-Yourself Power Meter. This is an interesting project, I may build one.
  • Dr. Edward Cheung's Power Line Monitor - Ed gives an excellent explanation of the entire build.