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Note: When Dan gave me this poem I didn't know who Shelley was. I just finished doing some work on the History section of these pages when I came across Shelley's name as one of the founding riders of the Longest Day. And here I thought this was written about my version of the route. I guess we've managed to keep the spirit of the Longest day going over these last 30 years.

One Fine Longest Day

by Shelley Abuchowski

It's Saturday morning, quarter to four,
I crawl from my bed and open the door.
From the misty cool darkness comes a humble accolade,
The monotone chorus of a bullfrog serenade.

My noble companions, Brett, John and Abe,
Are sitting in silence while breakfast is made.
Donning our costumes, we head for the start,
The sun raises the curtain; it's time to depart.

Decending the mountain at half past five,
Fifty-one miles per hour brings our senses alive.
We're emersed in the clouds forever it seems,
Is this reality, or is it a dream?

Our breakfast that morning had been a sordid affair,
Maypo and honey was all we'd prepare.
And with each passing diner our senses were fed,
Visions of firemen's specials danced through our heads.

Those sweet smelling farmlands soon rolled out of sight,
The scene changes to urban with traffic to fight.
From forests to pastures, cities and beach,
New Jersey's got it all within reach

South of the border and into the pines,
Alas, we are lost; there are no road signs.
And while with our predicament we soon grew weary,
"What's that sound?" John was heard to query.

And to our dismay, as there we sat,
My brand new tire slowly went flat.
In these low latitudes where the land is level,
My suspicion has it; it was the Jersey Devil.

A passerby sets us back on course,
And we continue our journey with some remorse.
Soon our spirits are lifted by a breeze up the tail,
And through the swamps and cedar we rapidly sail.

Salt marshes and cattails signal the end,
We ride in the sunshine the heavens now send.
The ending is happy, but sad in a way,
Up over the bridge and into Cape May.

For strange and unique are we High Point-to-Cape Mayers,
Longing for the challenges like the Longest Dayers.
And now that it's over we'll cool off for while,
Recall the memories and bring on a smile.

But we'll keep dreaming and scheming to fulfill our desires,
We'll put on our helmets and pump up our tires.
For it's more than a bike ride for which we all strive,
I'll cherish every moment of 12:35.