Release 3.0 & Addendum 3.5

  1. System Overview
  2. Definition of Terms

  3. Getting Started
  4. HCS II Quick Setup
    SpectraSense Quick Setup
    Quick Program

  5. System Design
  6. Locating the Supervisory Controller
    Power Supplies
    Setting Up the Network
    Selecting Cable
    Running Cable
    Analog and Digital I/O
    Signal Polarity
    Response Time
    X-10 Power-Line Communications
    Signal Bridging
    Multiple Transmitters
    Initial Start up

  7. Software for the PC
    HOST Commands
    ! Menu
    File Menu
    Command Menu
    Log Menu
    Window Menu
    Modem Menu
    HOST Windows

  9. Modems and Caller ID
  10. HCS/SS Modem Connection
    PC Modem Connection
    Caller ID

  11. XPRESS Program Structure
  12. IF Expressions
    IF/IFA Differences
    Actions and Assignments
    Command Summary

  13. XPRESS Commands
  14. Data Logging
  15. Hardware Setup
    Software Setup
    What to Log
    Logged Data Format
    Sample Processing Software

  16. Legal
  1. Appendix
  1. PDF Appendix A: Example Programs
  2. PDF Appendix B: Port Assignments
  3. PDF Appendix C: Version 3-Upgrade Instructions
  4. PDF Appendix D: HOST/SC Serial Protocol
  5. PDF XPRESS 3.6 Addendum