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(Last updated: Sunday Aug. 2, 2009)

Home Automation definition

When I go looking for a Home Automation definition I can't find one. Even the one that used to be found on the Wiki page isn't very good anymore. So I've decided to post my home automation definition a little more prominently on the all-n-one page. One of the problems I see with many of the definitions is that they're either limited to one protocol or just devices or too narrowly focused to be a definition.

Definition: - Domotics, Domotica, Smart Home Technology, the Smart House, the Electronic Home or Home Automation (HA) is an integrated automation system that is specific to the requirements of a private residence. It applies automation (mechanical or electronic) techniques for the comfort, security, entertainment, communications, and information processing needs of it's residents.

In the simplest of terms it is control and monitoring of devices and information and more likely than no without human intervention. This doesn't preclude human intervention. I expect any HA system to some kind of human interface. A proper HA system should not interfere with the residents. When a light switch is turned on, a light should light.