BottleRocket Pre-Releases
The "release" versions of BottleRocket have no guarantee, and that goes triply so for these. This is where devel code is put to share with other developers and try to work the kinks out and test new features. I'm happy to take email regarding bug reports with these versions, but don't expect me to respond. If it's an obvious error (won't compile, nothing works, etc.) you can be assured that it's already been found and fixed; the next version just hasn't been posted yet. It's also very likely that a lot of test versions won't ever make it here.

These versions may introduce security holes, intermittent problems, broken features, and who knows what else. You have been warned.

Also, I apologize to people that tried to download 0.04b6 before; I accidentally set the link to 0.04b5; please re-download it. I promise it's right now.

Version 0.05b3(tgz) -- Another overhaul; should be almost ready to go final. Perl module has been taken out (available seperately); some added command line possibilities, cleanups, etc. Version 0.05b2(tgz) -- Major fixes; it actually works now. I'm happier with the perl module now, but still needs some work and a better test script. This version needs to be whacked around a bit; please do send me info on any bugs you find. Thanks! Version 0.05b1(tgz) -- Different internal command handling, creates libbr.a for linking (including the new command handling engine), includes the perl patch and some other fixes. Also changes the way things are handled if multiple devices are specified for a single command; now does them in order they were specified again. First step towards major overhaul of the perl module (module hasn't been touched yet, though). Major changes; hasn't been tested much as I let someone borrow my FireCracker.
Version 0.04b6(tgz) -- fixes for compiler warnings (DU), port detection for DU, and some errno stuff. Probably the last (I hope) pre-release version before the next major release.
Version 0.04b5(tgz) -- introduces LOTS more options. Check README for info.

Perl module patch(tgz) -- this is an addition of version 0.04b6; download that package and this one and un-tgz in the same directory. This will make a perl directory in the tree. After you've built the rest, cd to perl and run "perl Makefile.PL && make" to build the module. This is really alpha (my first Perl module), and will change a LOT (so be warned). This IS dependant on having at least br_cmd.o already made, so don't try skipping ahead and just making the perl stuff 8).
Perl module patch(tgz) -- same patch, just made for the bottlerocket release version 0.04