LHAP Web Interface is your typical CGI with links for issuing commands and a dialog box for issuing any commands not covered by the provided links. Where LHAP Web Interface differs is that it uses PHP to bring up to date information. By issuing a dump command on the server we can get the current state of the X10 modules. Also by accessing a MySQL database or a static file we can further pass information to the links such as a name. Extending this further, by using JavaScript we can have popup tooltips which gives us access to further information about the module.

This project is issued under the GNU Pulic License (GPL).


The following files are contained in the .tgz file (that's tar'd and gzip'd):


MySQL (or the file called device), Apache w/PHP, Class Overlib (with my mods, sorry about that), HomeDaemon 4.0, X10d, & a CM11A. The user's browser must support JavaScript.


I got to work on this.