20041003 19:33:00  Neil Cherry takes over the Guide.
20030724 09:13:01  Neil Cherry cleaned up significant HTML CODE and added
                   some links.
20030704 03:59:41  Added tips for searching TV listings (Dave Norwood,
                   Sean Walker, added Day 7, Day 9, cleaned TOC
20030625 07:02:45  Added gnuplot install instructions for graphing
20030622 21:27:14  Added Lincolns discussion of attic temp control
20030622 06:17:49  Added Pete Flaherty story, added serial to minimum
                   hardware requirements.  Added Seans HVAC example to
                   what can you do with MH section.  Added Steve's fan speed
                   control hardware diagram to DAY HVAC, also added.
20030621 15:43:09  Added Even Graham story 
20030621 02:57:19  Added Neil Cherry house, cleaned up TOC
                   cleaned up stories to paragraph form
                   added Jonathon Radio Shack phone interfacee
20030620 07:14:31  Added Baz Butchers house, cleaned up story    
20030619 22:56:01  Added Andy Home Australia settings to day 6, added
                   additional comments and VI tags, inserted hardware
                   requirements from MH install docs and added comments
                   about pauses on older pentium machines
20030618 22:24:37  moved checklists to day 2, moved day 3 to day 2 cleaned  
                   up TOC a bit
20030614 02:34:25  added day comment seperators, Jon's OSX hint, editted
                   MisterHouse at my house section
20030606 13:47:00  updated Neil Cherry cleaned up HTML
20030604 22:48:46  Added Jeff's driveway capture story to what MH can do         
20030604 19:06:36  added Neil Cherry Audry monitoring, James Armstong
                   MisterHouse usage and Matt Beland
                   What is MisterHouse, link to timeline        
20030603 21:37:47  added Neil Cherry SNMP monitoring ideas 
20030603 17:48:58  fixed  , added Richard Mann house story       
20030530 07:00:04  added into speak day TOC
20030529 07:19:45  added how do I control section
20030524 23:55:32  added caller ID day, NetcallerID help
20030524 07:26:50  added more motion capabilties
20030522 21:14:53  deleted 1.2, moved 1.3 to 1.2, rearranged day 1,
                   added items to environmental knowledge, moved pool ideas
                   to what can be controlled
20030522 07:11:28  Added Ross T additonal days, added TOC, tweaked order
20030521           Initial concept page posted to MH list, various additions
                   by MisterHouse-users mailing list.